Why not visit countyargyle.com/holidays  in person during their tour for great gift ideas and fine antique jewelery.  They will have a small selection of a few of my new, and best selling photographs.  County Argyle are one of the top vendors on the Scottish/Celtic circuit, if you do make an appointment to see them, it's Covid-19 friendly, and they are by time slots, so it can be just you or a small group of your circle.  Masks required, hand sanitizing provided.  Check out their schedule to see if they are in a city near you over the next 6 weekends.

Don't forget about booking your private tour for 2021/2022

Adrian Jenkins is now offering personalised tours of Scotland! Suppose you've been to Scotland several times already and want to return to explore some of the more elusive (and magical) areas of the country?  Or suppose you're ready to finally visit Scotland for the first time, but just not sure where to start?  In either case, Adrian is able to design a customized tour experience from start to finish exclusively for you. Adrian will ensure that you are able to take in the sights that you want to see, or perhaps stand in the very spot Adrian took one of his award-winning photographs. 

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If you'd like to keep up with my latest photography, my tour and show whereabouts, and receive invites to any special events that I may be hosting, please sign up to be on my guest list! I usually send out one or two newsletters each season and love getting your feedback and requests!

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