about adrian jenkins

Adrian has been photographing the world over for more than 20 years.  Whilst he has had the opportunity to capture mountains and rivers, oceans and sunsets on four continents, his favorite landscapes are those of his homeland of Great Britain.  Adrian’s photography has evolved over the years, but it has only been since beginning a new life chapter in the United States that he has endeavoured to focus his creative energies fully into his photographic work.  Alongside his learning to speak “American,” adrian jenkins photography was born.  

Whilst there are many new technologies that can transform the ordinary digital photograph into something larger than life, Adrian has chosen to view the world through a lens that lets the natural beauty of his landscapes speak on their own merits - sometimes simply and quietly; other times majestically.  In any case, Adrian strives to capture an image that is as distinct and  compelling on the printed page as experiencing the original breathtaking scenes in person.

Until 2014, Adrian has lived his entire life in the United Kingdom, including the Midlands of England, London, and the last eleven years in Edinburgh, Scotland.  He recently immigrated to the United States and has been learning to drive on the wrong right side of the road, as well as adjusting to the by-comparison tropical temperatures of Atlanta, Georgia.

He has regular trips planned to capture spectacular new scenery in Scotland and around the world.   Check back for more… 

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